Hearing Protection

Protecting your hearing from damaging noise due to work or recreation is critically to prevent irreversible hearing loss

Hearing Protection for Workers

WorkSafe Victoria recommends “all worker exposures to noise be controlled below a level equivalent to 85 dBA for eight hours to minimise occupational noise induced hearing loss.” Loud, constant sounds all day long at work can cause long term hearing problems.

When properly fitted, custom earplugs can significantly reduce loud noises and prevent hearing damage and loss. Hearing protectors that are not correctly fitted to the wearer’s ears do not effectively prevent damaging noises from penetrating the ear canal.

At True Hearing, we not only ensure any custom hearing protection we supply fits perfectly, we will also ensure you are competent and confident to wear them correctly for optimal protection.

Hearing Protection for Musicians

Professional musicians work in a high decibel environment in which hearing loss, tinnitus, hypersensitivity to sound and sound distortion are real risks.

Traditional earplugs will not work for the professional musician, as they reduce sound by muffling low-to-mid-range frequencies. True Hearing specialise in custom musicians’ ear plugs that can protect from loud sounds without distorting the music. We also offer a variety of custom ‘in ear monitors’ that enhance the music experience whether you are a serious musician or music lover.

Hearing Protection for Hunters and Recreational Shooters

As many as 50 percent of all recreational shooters may suffer some degree of hearing loss

Most gunfire exceeds 130 decibels and requires reliable, quality hearing protection to prevent needless and permanent damage to hearing.

Fortunately, hunters have many options for protection including over-the-counter ear plugs or earmuffs, or custom ear plugs available from the experts at True Hearing.

Hearing Protection for Law Enforcement

If you are involved in law enforcement, you undoubtedly know how important your sense of hearing is to perform your job effectively

You may also have experienced a situation where the firing of yours or a colleague’s weapon has temporarily reduced your ability to hear. The right ear protection is essential to prevent against irreversible hearing loss, and at True Hearing, we can help to find the right ear protection to suit your individual needs.

Whatever your reason for needing hearing protection, True Hearing has it covered.  Call today on (03) 9889 4915 to book an appointment with our audiological experts to discuss the best hearing protection solutions for you.

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While there’s no replacement for a consultation with a hearing-care expert, our free online hearing screening can provide some quick and useful feedback about your hearing. The screening should be carried out in quite space and all you need is a pair of headphones!

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