Hearing Aid Prices

As an independent Audiology Clinic, True Hearing offers freedom of choice with multiple lines of hearing device technologies and models at every price point.

Hearing devices vary according to the technology and benefits they provide. The technology level prescribed will vary depending on the lifestyle needs and budget of the individual. We will discuss the various options available for you and select the most appropriate device for you.

True Hearing is accredited to provide the following Free Services as part of the Commonwealth Hearing Services Program to eligible pensioners and veterans/DVA cardholders.

  • FREE comprehensive hearing assessments
  • FREE digital hearing aids or alternative assistive listening devices.
  • Subsidised advanced digital hearing aids
  • Hearing aid maintenance for a small annual charge, which covers all batteries and repairs.
  • Hearing aid rehabilitation workshop to improve listening and communication skills

Below is a guide to technology levels and prices for “non-eligible seniors”:

  • Essential Digital ($850 – $1,750) per unit

    An affordable and effective solution to enhance daily communication in quiet or low background noise environments.
    - Low budget Fixed directional microphones: picks up the speaker in front of you and reduces the background noise behind you.
    - Feedback management: suppresses annoying whistling noises.
    - Noise reduction: reduces annoying background noises and maintains comfort Telephone program

  • Standard Digital ($1,750 – $2,450) per unit

    Good for sociable lifestyles as it can support the hearing demands of a daily lifestyle with low to moderate levels of background noise.
    - More channels for a better match to target and more room for finer tuning.
    - Automatic hearing aid
    - Automatic binaural phone program: Hear the phone call in both ears automatically when you pick up the phone.
    - Improved speech understanding automatically.
    - Better noise reduction for increased comfort in noisy environments.
    - Ability to connect to wireless devices.
    - Binaural coordination: Can control the volume and program of both hearing aids by only changing one.
    - Connectivity to wireless accessories such as television streamer, phone adaptor, FM system and microphone.

  • Advanced Digital ($2,600 – $3,750) per unit

    Great for more active and busier lifestyles.
    - Provides excellent performance in a variety of listening environments with moderate levels of background noise.
    - Balance between performance and price.
    - More channels for a better match to target and more room for finer tuning.
    - More aggressive noise reduction, which improves comfort in background noise as well as maintains speech clarity in background noise.
    - Adaptive directional microphones: picks up the speakers voice from any direction and reduces the background noise coming from other directions.
    - Increased speech intelligibility.
    - Increased listening programs.
    - Wind noise reduction: reduces wind noise to improve comfort and hearing outdoors.
    - Tinnitus masker
    - Direct connectivity to iPhones, iPad and iPod touch, so you can stream calls, videos and music straight through your hearing aids.

  • Premium Digital ($3,200 – $4,250) per unit

    Designed for vibrant lifestyles and those who want to have the best technology. This level of technology has unique features to provide excellent performance and improve hearing in all demanding and challenging listening situations including those with high levels of background noise.
    - More channels for a better match to target and more room for finer tuning.
    - Enhanced signal processing which provides natural, undistorted amplification of speech in quiet and background noise.
    - Frequency compression: compresses and shifts high-pitched sounds that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to hear, to a lower range where residual hearing is better.
    - Self-learning: gradually learns your situational listening preferences and applies them automatically.
    - Maximum directionality to zone in speech automatically in a noisy environment.
    - Premium noise reduction which reduces invasive background noises while allowing for a maximum preservation of speech.
    - More natural sound quality increasing speech clarity.
    - Adaptive feedback cancellation which prevents any whistling in any situation while maintaining audibility and sound quality. - Speech in wind: Reduces wind noise but preserves speech intelligibility enabling you to carry out conversations outdoors on windy days.
    - Tinnitus masker
    - Automatic music program
    - Direct connectivity to iPhones, iPad and iPod touch, so you can stream calls, videos and music straight through your hearing aids.
    - GPS feature to be able to locate hearing aids

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