What to expect at a Hearing Aid fitting

  • Physical assessment

    Our hearing aid fitting begins by assessing the physical fit and comfort of your new devices in your ears, with no sound yet.

    Once your brand-new hearing aids have arrived from the manufacturer, we will have a hearing aid fitting appointment to scientifically program them up for each individual ear’s hearing needs.  Using the latest equipment and software, our university qualified audiologists perform extensive testing and measurements during our hearing aid fitting appointments, constantly checking in with you to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

  • Hearing Aid Adjustment

    We adjust the device to fit your ear for optimal acoustic performance

    Once we are sure they will fit comfortably, we then use specialised audiological equipment to measure the sound coming into your ears from the hearing aids, and adjust this to fit the prescription attained from your hearing examination results.  The shape of each individual ear will affect the acoustic performance of the hearing aids, which is why this extensive measurement must be done with the devices ”in situ”. When our audiologist is sure that an accurate sound prescription has been achieved, we will further tailor the sound using the highly sophisticated software to ensure the sound is clear and at a comfortable loudness level.

  • Counselling and advice

    We educate you on the use of your new devices, but most importantly, on what to expect from your new world of sound.

    The largest part of our fitting appointment time is then taken up with counselling.  Most people need some time to adjust to the sound of their hearing aids, and hence all our hearing aids are fitted with a 30-day trial period for your peace of mind. You will take your hearing aids home with you at the end of this fitting appointment, with a plan on acclimatisation and usage, and we will see you again in two weeks’ time to review your progress.

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