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Our passion is helping people like you, who want to stay connected and get the most out of life, rediscover hearing.

Helping You and Your Family Hear Better in Melbourne

Founded in 2012, our clinic philosophy remains true to our original goal to create partnerships in hearing between clinicians, patients, and their families. This partnership enables hearing to be rediscovered, connections to be reinvigorated and life to be lived.

We are an independent, family owned practice, that operates holistically with respect and compassion for our patients. We thrive on being at the forefront of technology, continually developing our knowledge to provide patients with all the benefits these advances can bring as soon as they come to market.

Our Audiologists are esteemed professionals and experts in the hearing care field

We pride ourselves in providing accurate and appropriate diagnostic testing, thorough and evidence-based hearing rehabilitation, and technological expertise.

Our patients are at the heart of everything we do. We take a consultative approach to our clinical care, and ensure you are in the driver’s seat, armed with the information you need to decide the direction of your hearing health.

Our obligation free hearing aid trial is testament to our commitment to providing value, service, and outstanding patient satisfaction. All hearing aids are not the same, and we help you find the right hearing solution that truly fits the way you live and work.

Meet our team

Our dedicated team of hearing specialists

Owner / Principal Audiologist

Dr Nazanin Amini

Nazanin is the Principal Audiologist and founder of True Hearing. Nazanin is a full member of the Audiological Society of Australia and a member of the Australian Independent Audiologists in Private Practice. Nazanin completed her PhD degree in Biological Science and a Master’s degree in Clinical Audiology both from Melbourne University.

Nazanin founded True Hearing in 2012 with the philosophy to establish a partnership among practitioners, patients and their families to ensure that decisions respect patients’ wants, needs and preferences. Her approach to “encourage patients’ input and education on their own hearing health, and support them to make decisions and participate in their own care” is now well accepted and has been the essence in the growth of True Hearing.

Owner / Audiology Clinician

Michael Zamani

Michael is the business director and audiology clinician at True Hearing. Michael specialises in providing personalised hearing solutions using the latest and most discreet technology available, including the Lyric® invisible extended-wear hearing device. Michael’s areas of expertise include hearing rehabilitation, auditory counseling, and dispensing hearing aids and assistive listening technologies for adults. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering, a Master degree in Socio-Economical Systems Engineering and a Master degree in Business and IT from University of Melbourne. Michael is a member of the Australian College of Audiology(AcAud) and Hearing Aid Audiologist Society(HAASA).

Michael’s extensive experience of hearing device technologies and up-to-date knowledge of developments in the field of audiology sees him popular amongst clients and staff.



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Hearing tests check a person’s ability to hear the loudness and pitch of sounds. Some reasons why you may need a hearing test include ringing in your ears, others companing that you talk too loud or watch the TV on high volume, or simply you have trouble hearing conversations.

While there’s no replacement for a consultation with a hearing-care expert, our free online hearing screening can provide some quick and useful feedback about your hearing. The screening should be carried out in quite space and all you need is a pair of headphones!

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