Symptoms of Hearing Loss in Children

Hearing problems in children can be difficult to identify, as both their behaviour and the hearing loss itself can fluctuate.

Children need clear and consistent access to sound and language around them to develop their own language skills and thrive educationally.  Hearing problems in children can be difficult to identify, as both their behaviour and the hearing loss itself can fluctuate.  By the time they have reached early school age, most children will have experienced an ear infection which will have impacted their hearing ability.  Recurrent ear infections will result in an inconsistent signal being heard by the child, making learning much more difficult and often poor behaviour is the result.

It is important to act on any sign that your child may be experiencing hearing loss.  We suggest arranging a hearing test for your child if you see any of the following:

  • Suffers from frequent colds, ear infections or ear pain
  • Language skills are poorer than their peers
  • Poor or irritable behaviour
  • Not responding when called or trouble following directions.
  • Listens to TV or other devices at louder volume than you prefer or sits close to it.
  • Misses instructions the first time and needs repetition
  • Speaking in a raised voice, or alternatively mumbling or talking too softly
  • Concern raised by teachers


If your child is of school age, True Hearing has the experience and expertise to establish your child’s hearing abilities quickly and easily. Call us today on (03) 9889 4915 to discuss your child’s hearing or book a hearing assessment.

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