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Ears basically like to be left alone when it comes to keeping them clean, but some people can be bothered by the presence of ear wax, known as cerumen.

Removal of ear wax, is it safe or not?

Ear wax is perfectly normal and supports the ears to self-clean, so there is really no need to clean your ears yourself.

Ear wax is a natural body discharge and beneficial if released in a small amount. It is a natural cleanser and helps clear the dead skin cells, dirt, and hair as it moves from inside to the outside of the ear canal. You may feel itchiness in your ear if you do not produce ear wax in appropriate amounts. However, some people have excessive earwax, which may block the ear canal, leading to infection, pain in the ear, and other issues. Sometimes, excessive ear wax may also lead to loss of hearing. Such conditions may require you to go for ear wax removal from an expert.

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Should you remove ear wax on your own?

Micro-suction is the safe, gentle way to remove ear wax.

Although ear wax is removed naturally, sometimes it might cause problems and may require removal by an expert. Ear wax may cause a blockage if left alone for a long time, and certain conditions like eczema may also produce hard earwax. It is recommended not to use a cotton swab or hairpins to remove the earwax. With this, you might end up pushing the ear wax further inside the ear, which can eventually lead to ear canal injury and damage the eardrum. Instead, if you need help with removal it is best advised to seek ear wax removal treatment from an expert.

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Seeking advice from an expert is recommended

You should expect instant relief after any wax is removed, but if you still have a sensation of blockage in your ears, we can provide a full audiological assessment to examine other possible causes of this feeling.

Our ear wax removal clinic provides such treatment. An audiologist can handle ear wax removal with expertise, a better view, and with more tools as compared to self-removal. Micro suction is one such simple procedure that can aid you with the removal of ear wax at the comfort of a chair. This technique utilizes gentle suction as a strategy to take out the ear wax, unblocking your ear. It is a safe technique since the ear is completely monitored throughout the process via a microscope. In case you still feel uncomfortable after ear wax removal, an audiological assessment may be required to know the cause of discomfort. 

We offer ear wax removal treatment across Camberwell & Rowville.

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