Alina Roszczyk (Rowville) | 02/03/2018

Very thorough. No problems for adjustments. Michael explained it all and very easy to understand. Group session was very good too.

Patricia Haw (Ringwood North) | 05/08/2017

Thankful for experiencing such expertise.

Vivian Szonert (Camberwell) | 15/06/2017

My whole experience has been excellent. Friendly, thoughtful and informative!

Margaret Cochrane (Camberwell) | 15/06/2017

I feel that I was thoroughly tested and range of hearing aids explained clearly for me to make the right decision.

Rocco Simeone (Mitcham) | 06/05/2017

True Hearing’s service has been excellent. I would definitely refer you and your team to my friends.

Betty Brewster (Burwood) | 13/10/2016

Very Satisfactory to date including support & follow-up, rehab session. Excellent & helpful.

Cameron Valentine (Hawthorn East) | 14/07/2016

Very happy with the device. Greatly improved my quality of life. Thanks

Maureen Barns(Lower Templestowe) | 04/07/2016

I can’t describe getting and wearing hearing aids as a “bed of roses” but you made the experience of getting my second hearing aids as easy and pleasant as possible. No waiting time, made welcome at ease, no difficulties with hearing instructions, explanations.

Leslie De Kretser (North Blackburn) | 07/05/2016

The Audiologist was very thorough, professional and obliging.

Joan Carboon (Blackburn) | 14/04/2016

Service is great. Appointments were on time. I am very happy with the professionalism of Nazanin.

Rodney Trusler (East Doncaster) | 12/03/2016

Everything and everyone were great. Very good people to know.

Kerrie Miller (Croydon) | 07/03/2016

The team at True Hearing are dedicated to providing service that is warm and caring, including special work-shops to help us improve the use of our listening and lip reading skills. It is important to them that their client feels looked after and empowered to cope with hearing the world around them. I have already […]

Elize Lew (Mount Waverley) | 10/12/2015

I found everyone at True Hearing very professional, understanding and very patient in their dealings with clients. They have always gone above and beyond to make sure I get the best results from my hearing aids.

Theresa Hoare (Burwood) | 21/10/2015

I have found Dr Amini to be most understanding and very helpful in dealing with my hearing problems. It gives me great comfort to know that I can call into the clinic at any time if needed. Thanks

Arthur Tassell (Mulgrave) | 22/07/2015

I have found my hearing aids very useful with no trouble at all. I am very satisfied with your service.

Ken Barlow (Blackburn) | 17/07/2015

I previously had aids and gave up on them. I believe I was not managed properly and no aftercare. True Hearing have been and are great.

Kerrie Miller (Croydon) | 12/06/2015

Many thanks for always going above and beyond. Your wonderful service, empathy and patience is greatly appreciated and I’m eternally grateful to have found such dedicated organization.

Tony Denson (Glen Iris ) | 05/12/2014

The service and the people are marvelous. I can hardly find anything to suggest for improvement. All the best.

John Desmond (Doncaster East) | 05/12/2014

I am very satisfied with your service. It has opened up a whole new world for me.

Jim Treadway (Corio) | 28/10/2014

I would like to thank Dr Nazanin Amini of True Hearing for the relief of Tinnitus that I have had for over 3 years with a hearing device that masks the tinnitus. I would recommend True Hearing 100 percent for hearing aids and services.

John Collins (Blackburn South) | 09/10/2014

I am very happy and satisfied with the service. True Hearing have been excellent and caring with their follow up.

Tim Kimpton (Hawthorn East) | 30/09/2014

Nazanin was very thorough, gentle and kind. I enjoyed professionalism. flexibility of appointments and education session for family. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Paul Scott (Camberwell) | 16/06/2014

Expert advice and care from a clinic that is not tied to one manufacturer. Very Satisfactory, helpful and friendly staff.

Johanna Roozen (Glen Iris) | 30/05/2014

Loved the energy in the place, warm and energetic! Such a contrast to other places!

Colin Hosking (Blackburn North) | 20/05/2014

Had doubts whether help was needed. Test indicated the loss in the hearing – Have been impressed with the difference hearing aids have made.

Joan Dorian (Burwood) | 08/05/2014

Excellent service provided – Most professional service, friendly and informative.

Brent Speck (Camberwell) | 17/03/2014

Very Professional, was initially apprehensive about the hearing aids cost but now pleased I accepted the advice and achieved the result.

Fab from ‘Superstar Studios’ | 02/04/2014

As far as my hearing goes I’m no longer going home deafened by the loud drums & other instruments on stage which is fantastic & and I’m finding that I’m singing softer now cos I don’t have to compete with my loud surroundings anymore which is saving my voice! I’m still getting used to having […]

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