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Unitron Moxi Jump

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Say goodbye to the status quo. And get ready to love the experience.

You are able to take home a trial hearing instrument and see how it works in the real world, without any commitment or pressure to buy. This experience comes with the convenience  you want and the exceptional natural sound and speech clarity you expect.

Available with MoxiTM Jump R and MoxiTM Fit.

Hear for yourself

Choose your own path in this interactive video sound demo where you can experience sound in a variety of environments with normal hearing, simulated hearing loss and hearing instruments on the Discover platform (Click Here).

Best experienced on Google Chrome. Wearing headphones with volume turned up will enhance the experience.

Fit. Love. Go.

Discover is all about empowering people with hearing loss to love the experiences they are in each day.


Wow from the get go

Forget about the challenges you’ve had in the past when it comes to the first-fit experience.

Impress you from the very first appointment by championing comfort without sacrificing natural and extraordinary sound.

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