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Oticon Dynamo

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  • Oticon’s most powerful hearing device.
  • Available in four different technology levels:
    • SP10 Premium
    • SP8 Advanced
    • SP6 Essential
    • SP4 Basic
  • Utilises Oticon’s BrainHearing technology.
  • Speech Rescue “rescues” the high-frequency sounds – like the soft consonants ‘s’ and ‘t’, which are critical for speech understanding. Speech Rescue creates copies of these high-frequency sounds and pastes them into a lower frequency range where you can hear them, while leaving the original details in place.
  • Speech Guard E creates a rich sound picture, preserving the natural speech cues essential to improving speech understanding.
  • Oticon’s YouMatic technology considers the lifestyle and personal preferences of each listener to tailor the hearing device to each individual’s needs.

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