Ear Wax Removal & Ear Care

For many of the audiological tests and procedures it is important to have ear canals free of earwax, technically referred to as cerumen. Excessive cerumen blocking the ear canal can cause hearing loss, itching, irritation, pain, fullness. Earwax buildup removal

Micro-suction is the safe, gentle way to unblock ears and remove ear wax.

  • All patients are initially assessed for their general ear health and professional ear cleaning and ear wax removal in our clinic.
  • Our clinician will use microscope and suction pump to clean your ear canal and remove wax. You will sit in a comfortable chair and a small metal funnel will be placed gently in your ear canal to enhance the view.
  • Ear suction is carried out with a small sucker attached to a low-pressure suction machine that works like a gentle vacuum cleaner. Ear suction is noisy and you may feel a bit of discomfort. Occasionally mild dizziness may be experienced for a few seconds.
  • After any wax is removed, if you still have a sensation of blockage in your ears, you may need diagnosis and treatment of the other conditions. These conditions include: Eustachian tube dysfunction, Ear drum scarring, Otosclerosis, Sensorineural  damage and others.

Micro suction is accepted  as the safest and most comfortable method of ear wax removal. The ear canal is being observed throughout the process, making it an exceptionally safe procedure. It is also a more comfortable process than traditional water irrigation.

In most cases wax can be entirely removed during the appointment; however there are instances where this is not possible and a subsequent appointment is necessary.  Some of the main reasons that wax is not able to be removed during the appointment include:

  • Wax has adhered to hair and/or skin within the ear canal
  • Wax has been present for some time, and has accumulated in layers that are quite deep and hard
  • Wax spray/drops were not used prior to the appointment and the wax is too hard to remove

Your clinician will advise you about the need for any subsequent appointment.

Taking Care Of Your Ears

  • Ears basically like to be left alone, BUT some people are very prone to a build up of ear wax than others.
  • Do not use cotton buds, hairpins etc. to get the ear wax out, you may cause damage or push the wax further in.
  • Ear wax can cause itchy ears, try not to scratch, book a visit to us instead.
  • Hearing aid wearers are more prone to a wax build up and often need a visit to us twice yearly.

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